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Our Firm

Invector brings together a team of professionals with long-standing professional bonds, and has positioned itself in the advisory services sector for acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and the search for investors to finance development and expansion plans.


We are aware that the offer of M&A advisory services is vast and varied, and hence have defined our areas of expertise as follows. This list is not exhaustive of our possible services, but rather describes the sectors where we can offer our clients a clear advantage



The firm’s guiding objective is the complete satisfaction of our clients. We hope to create the long-term relationships and recurrence that comes with trust and good results. Our fees are based primarily on the achievement of milestones, and on the effective realization of transactions beneficial to all parties involved. 

Our Focus

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  • Transactions involving medium and medium-large companies (as a reference, annual revenues between US$ 10 and 150 million)

  • Investment flows (both ways) between Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

  • Investment flows (both ways) between Chile and Brazil.

  • Transactions in the technology sector.

  • Transactions in the soft drinks and food industries.

  • Transactions in the mining services sector.

  • Direct contact with the leading private investment funds (both domestic and foreign) and family offices in Chile.

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M&A in Peru and Colombia

¿Why Colombia?

Having overcome the security challenges that rattled it in the past, Colombia has once again become a supremely attractive destination for foreign investment

The Chilean entry has been particularly successful: There are more than 150 Chilean companies operating in Colombia today, and an even greater surge in investment flows is expected. The stability and appeal of Colombia for foreign investors is founded on solid fundamentals.


  • Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America, with a nominal GDP of US$ 370 billion in 2012. GDP per capita has grown by 140% over the past ten years.


  • It is ranked 5th in the world, and 1st in Latin America, for protecting foreign investors (Chile is 3rd in the region). (Doing Business Report 2011, World Bank)


  • Foreign direct investment has grown fivefold over the past six years.


  • Colombia has the 2nd most skilled workforce and the most flexible labor market in the region.


  • It has signed international investment treaties that include reciprocal investment protection clauses with 18 countries (including Chile), as well as tax treaties with 16 countries (again, including Chile).


  • Free trade agreements (FTAs) with 48 countries (including Chile), gaining preferential trade access to over 1.5 billion consumers.


  • It has a healthy and stable financial system, with long term credit available at reasonable rates.


  • With 46.6 million inhabitants, it is South America’s second most populated country.

  • With a nominal GDP of US$ 200 billion in 2013, Peru is the 7th largest economy in Latin America.


  • It is rated as the 2nd best country for protecting investors in the region (Chile is 3rd best) (Doing Business Report 2011, World Bank).


  • Foreign investment has doubled over the past six years.


  • It has international investment treaties, including reciprocal investment protection clauses, with 37 countries (including Chile), and tax treaties with four countries (again, including Chile).


  • Free trade agreements (FTAs) with 22 countries (including Chile), gaining preferential trade access to over 2.5 billion consumers.


  • Peru has a healthy and stable financial system, with long term credit available at reasonable rates.


  • It has a population of 30.5 million people.

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¿Why Peru?

Three years into President Humala’s administration, Peru has kept itself on a stable path economically and businesswise, and remains one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America in 2014. Its appeal as a venue for investment is based on solid fundamentals.

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