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Jorge Salvatierra

Sergio Dussaillant

Cristián Barriga

Jorge Salvatierra Pacheco


Civil Industrial Engineer from Universidad Católica de Chile; MBA from Saint Louis University (USA)


After twelve years in the financial sector, as an executive at American Express Bank and Chicago Continental Bank, he made his career in the telecommunications and IT sectors. Jorge has been CEO of Chile’s VTR and Quintec, leading considerable domestic and international expansion for both companies. In the USA, he has held the position of COO at Optiglobe Communications and at Darby Technology Ventures.


Previously, he has been a member of the Board at Lan Airlines, Telefónica del Sur, Chilgener (today known as AESGener) and Startel (today known as Movistar), among others.

He currently serves on the boards of Entel, CAP, Invercap, and DIMACOFI, and is the Chairman of the Board at Canal 13.

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